About us



Stuart and Jenny Agnew

The Tribe Ruimsig was planted by the leading of the Holy Spirit on the 6th of August 2006 out of New Covenant Church Bryanston . The planting couple and elders are Stuart and Jennifer Agnew.

Who are we?

We’re a supernatural family, who want to live growing in the knowledge of God, captivated by Jesus, loved by the Father and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We love His PRESENCE, we want to establish His PATTERNS (His ways) here on earth and we want to love PEOPLE.

Part of our mission is to partner with Holy Spirit in establishing a church that looks like the one we read about in the new testament, which will by His grace, reflect aspects of how awesome and beautiful He is.To help us in this work, we have some wonderful people giving input into the life of Tribe,  Rob and Glenda Rufus,  an Ephesians 4 apostolic gift. Originally from RSA, they’re based in Hong Kong where they lead their church plant, Hong Kong City Church International. They also head up an apostolic network, In Resonance 360, which collaborates with other apostolic networks globally. Plus, we enjoy other key relationships with church leaders across the city, who help hold us accountable to building a biblical church!

We believe God has called us to reconcile lost people to a living relationship with Himself, that will also affect the way we relate to others.

We desire to walk in the freedom that Jesus came to give us!

 We believe we have been saved by grace ALONE. This grace has been given as a free gift from God through Jesus Christ. We believe that we must walk humbly in that grace, free from self-righteous performance and free from licentiousness (the idea that we can sin/do whatever we like, whenever we like without consequences). We believe that this same grace empowers us to live godly lives in this world.

Our endeavour is NOT to condemn/judge sinners but RATHER to reveal how staggeringly good the GOOD NEWS really is! Salvation has been paid for in full by the finished work of Jesus on the cross. Our role is in faith and obedience, to lay hold of the inheritance that He has assigned us.




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