About us

The Tribe Ruimsig was planted by Stuart and Jenny Agnew on the 6th of August 2006, out of New Covenant Church Bryanston. Later, they planted The Tribe Parys on the 18th of March 2012. Ruimsig and Parys are two unique congregations, but with the same vision and values.

Our Leaders

Stu and Jen have been in ministry for over 27 years. They were ordained as pastors at Hatfield Christian Church in Pretoria, in 1993, and had oversight of the youth for 9 years. They are deeply grateful for the training, trust and opportunities they received under the leadership there. Having felt the Holy Spirit impressing upon them that their time with H.C.C. was drawing to an end, and feeling a growing desire to lead their own work, they walked with their leaders until they were released in 2002 to move to Johannesburg and become part of New Covenant Church Bryanston. They were there for 4 years and served as deacons and later elders for 2 of those years, receiving church planting training while there.  Having tasted revival in the 90’s, the presence of God has been their desire ever since, along with a strong call to equip and strengthen the church to do the work of the ministry.

On the 24th September 2017, Thinus and Santie Nortje were ordained as elders, to pastor the Tribe Church in Parys. In 2016 they moved their family from Johannesburg, where they were part of Ruimsig Tribe, to Parys, to answer the call of God on their lives. They are marketplace elders who have demanding careers and a family they are raising, along with the huge privilege and responsibility of shepherding God’s people. They have a deep love for the people of Parys.  They’ve dubbed the town “The City of Glory” and are seeing lives continually being transformed by the presence of God.

Who we are

The Tribe Church desires to be an authentic spiritual family with a supernatural mandate to walk in step with Holy Spirit, following his leading to see the kingdom of God manifest through our lives.

We want to be a church that prays, prophesies and worships. We believe that people are transformed through encounters with the Presence of the Lord, and that the preaching of the inspired Word of God is a powerful means of equipping the saints.

Our DNA is apostolic, meaning that we have a heart to see believers equipped with the revelation of the authority that they have in Christ, and with the infilling of the Holy Spirit along with the impartation and activation of the spiritual gifts. We also love the nations of the world, and value going to the ones God has opened up to us, to spread the Gospel and encourage the Body of Christ.

Our beliefs

Our beliefs and values are firmly founded in the Word of God, The Bible. Therefore, we believe in the virgin birth of Christ, his death on a cross, and his supernatural resurrection on the 3rd day.

We believe that salvation is through grace, which is a GIFT from God to all who believe. We don’t have to try and earn what we have freely received through Christ Jesus!

Grace is not a license to sin; it’s empowering to imitate Jesus in every part of our hearts and lives. It enables us to mature as it works in our hearts to produce the fruit of the Spirit.

Who do we relate to?

The Tribe is a non-denominational church, however, we relate to Rob and Glenda Rufus, an apostolic couple based at their church plant in Hong Kong, (Hong Kong City Church International). Their revelation of the grace of God, ongoing teaching, leadership input and friendship has helped shape and strengthen us! We love them deeply and see them as an authentic apostolic gift to the Body of Christ. Rob and Glenda lead a collaboration of apostolic church leaders from around the world called In-Resonance 360, which we are a part of.

You can find some of their teachings under our Resource Page.

Our Vision

We want to be a church:

  • Of sons and daughters who are maturing in Christ to walk in their inheritance & establish God’s kingdom on Earth.
  • Where God’s grace defines, develops, and deploys us for good works.
  • Where God’s presence is honoured, hosted & released.
  • That embraces Biblical patterns and lives them out by faith.
  • Where people are loved, valued, encouraged & challenged to grow.

Our Values

We want to practice these values so that they become our tangible culture…

  • The presence of God
  • Good governance (leadership)
  • Living loved by our Father and loving and serving from that place.
  • Authenticity
  • Excellent stewardship of our hearts and resources
  • Generosity – an expression of the nature of God
  • Fun/ creativity – another expression of God’s nature
  • Intentional and life-on-life discipleship
  • Honour
  • The priesthood of all believers
  • Prophetic culture (all believers can hear God’s voice)
  • Church as family